Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Day I Hit the Reset Button

Life as we have lived it:  Two hard-charging, high-pressure jobs.  Beloved adult children with serious illnesses. Community service on hands-on boards. Church ministry to hurting people. Participation in two or three small groups. Elderly mothers. Feisty cats.

The day we pushed the reset button came because we both had a medical moment.  A heart attack, followed by a return trip to the hospital for "too much, too soon."  An attack of hives that nearly turned deadly and had no real cause other than "stress."

"You've tried changing jobs," the doctor said. "So let's try something else."

My something-else is Christian mindfulness.  It's a way of living in the moment with the practice of the presence of God.  As a classic overachiever, I've always done prayer in a big, scheduled way.  Centering prayer.  Liturgy of the Hours. And so on. I've read and re-read Brother Lawrence's "Practice of the Presence of God."  So now I get to live it.  For at least one year, my sole focus will be on Christian mindfulness.  Let's see how this goes.

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