Monday, December 26, 2011

What the Cats Taught Me About God

Eleanor arrives at the vet: How could Cat Mom allow me to suffer so?
God loves cats. (Yes, He does, you cat-dislikers.) Consider the evidence: He made 49 known species of cat, big and small but otherwise quite similar.  And He made sure to have cats on all continents around the world.  I think it's, in part, because cats remind Him so much of people.

A few years ago, He sent me two of them ... one rescued from a barn and the other who had been abandoned as a newborn kitten at a vet's front door.  These two ... Eleanor and Clarence ... are just the latest of God's creatures to teach me a lot about God ... and the mysteries of suffering.  This happens every time we go to the vet. 

In this scenario, I play the God role, while the cats are people. I know why we are going to the vet.  Sometimes we are healing an injury. Sometimes we are getting an inoculation so the cat won't have something more awful happen to it. 

I would love to explain to Eleanor and Clarence why, but I can't.  Face it, I'm a lot smarter than they are.  And we can't communicate directly about this.  So I just have to hope that they trust me as we get out the carrier and head for the vet. 

Well ... to Eleanor and Clarence  ... trust isn't a natural reaction. They run when they see the carrier.  They fight me with claws and bad attitudes when they are getting in the carrier. They howl in the car. They are scared. Clarence is so scared that he actually poops in the carrier as we drive to the vet and when we are driving FROM the vet.  Every single time. At the vet, neither wants to get OUT of the carrier. They look at me as if I have betrayed them. When the vet offers them cheese ... a favorite snack ... they sniff it with suspicion and refuse the gift. And it takes as much as 24 hours after the vet trip before the cat will allow me to approach them again. 

Frankly, that's a lot like God, me and suffering.  I don't understand why I have to go the Symbolic Vet of Suffering, and God can't tell me.  Face it, He's a lot smarter than I am, He's driving the car, and He understands why I have to get a shot of suffering, even if I don't. 

Eleanor at the vet not speaking to me
God hasn't changed when I suffer, just as I haven't changed when I take the cats to the vet. I'm doing what's best for them. And I wish I could explain it. But I can't.

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Caroline and Romeo said...

Great post, Karen! This puts a lot of things into perspective, in terms we cat lovers can understand.

My cats would take issue with the concept that I am smarter than they are though.....