Monday, December 27, 2010

Proceed as the Way Opens

Proceed as the way opens.  It's an old Quaker saying.  People in the mental health community, particularly caregivers, tend to spend a lot of time banging their heads against stone walls.  Recently, this old Quaker proverb has come at me again and again.  This kind of synchronicity is always a sign to me that God is trying to send a message.  So I am trying to force results a little less and follow an emerging path much more. 

Reflection is necessary to attain the discernment to do this, often accompanied by journaling.  Running your thoughts past a wise friend and Biblical guidance also are needed, especially when it looks as if you are about to make major life changes.

A while back,  I wrote down a list of five questions to ask myself daily to see how the way is unfolding.  Unfortunately, I didn't write down the source. This is not original to me, and, if you recognize it, let me know who came up with it. The five questions are:

  1. Where in this day did I feel the presence of God working in my life and in the world?
  2. What in this day seemed like it was a part of my leading?
  3. What made me believe that?
  4. How does that leading fit into my personal and spiritual life?
  5. What did I do today to feed my spirit or move me ahead on my spiritual journey? 
 See you on the way!

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